Episode 2 HCG Diet Reviews – Losing and Maintaining Weight Loss

The Lovely Lady I interviewed about her hCG Diet results and her review of the hCG Diet protocol:
Barbara Yaffee

There are several reasons I chose to interview Barbara about her experience with the hCG Diet- she, like many women, experienced weight gain NOT due to overreating when she found herself in forced menopause due to anti-cancer drugs she had to take which caused changes in her female hormone output, and she was able to lose the 15 lbs of excess weight she gained due to this, in 1 round of hCG. She is so happy and excited to find herself easily keeping it off. Her weight has been extremely stable right around 120lbs, at age 56. The other thing is, coming from a background of having eating disorders as a young person, going through therapy and learning how to love and treat her body properly, she has an interesting take on what many call the “starvation diet.” Contrary to what people who know nothing about the diet say, the foods and way of eating while on hCG are actually very balanced and teach you to take time out of your day to prepare real food. She felt very good mentally and physically while on the hCG diet protocol, and more importantly, was excited to find that it appears her metabolism has changed- for the better! Before doing the hCG Diet protocol, she was finding that eating any more than 1200 calories a day caused her to gain weight- now she is finding she can eat 1500-1800 calories and maintain her 120lbs scale number.


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